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News, 5/6/2014

 Action Plan for deepened Defence Cooperation between Sweden and Finland released

Defence Ministers Haglund and Enström
Defence Ministers Carl Haglund (Finland) and Karin Enström (Sweden). Picture courtesy of the Ministry of Defence of Finland
The deepened cooperation between Sweden and Finland aims at increasing effect and efficiency through combined use of resources, through increased interoperability and through a closer dialogue on common challenges. The cooperation is limited to activities in peacetime.

Based on the already close defence cooperation between Sweden and Finland the cooperation will be realized both bilaterally as well as within existing fora such as Nordefco, the EU, Nato or the UN and hence supplement other multinational cooperation.

The international and domestic communication of the objectives and content of the deepened bilateral cooperation between Sweden and Finland will be closely coordinated.

The cooperation areas listed below are to be seen as general cooperation areas that should be studied together by the Defence forces in order to further define the content and propose actions needed. The list is not exclusive; also other areas of cooperation can be explored and suggested by the Defence forces.

The Defence forces will look at the cooperation opportunities both in the short-term (2014-2015) and long-term perspective (2016-). Emphasis should be on the long-term perspective and on cooperation areas with the potential of substantially increasing mutual operational effect. The study should include the timelines, costs and benefits of the possible cooperation areas. Also possible legal and procedural effects of the deepened cooperation should be looked upon.

Possible areas for bilateral cooperation

Ministry of Defence (MoD)

1. Develop appropriate communications in order to facilitate secured connections at different levels of cooperation, including a secure VTC link.

2. Revitalize the personnel exchange between Ministries of Defence.

3. Conduct common studies concerning issues such as common challenges and defence cooperation.

Defence Forces


4. Explore the possibilities to enhance cooperation on exercises, education and training, sea surveillance, common use of base infrastructure, combined units, and the development of the capability to transfer Operational Control (OPCON) of units between the navies.

Air Force

5. Explore the possibilities to enhance cooperation on exercises, education and training, air surveillance and air Command and Control (C2), common use of base infrastructure, combined units, and the development of the capability to transfer OPCON of units between the air forces. The deepened cooperation will build on the existing cooperation on Cross Border Training (CBT).


6. Explore the possibilities to deepen bilateral cooperation in exercises, education, gender issues and training for example in the area of artillery, basic military training, winter training and mechanized units as well as in common use of training facilities.

Logistics and material procurement

7. Explore the possibilities to conduct common feasibility studies, for example concerning a new surface combatant, joint outsourcing and deepened bilateral cooperation in maintenance of services and future capability development.


8. Explore the possibilities to establish secure communications on all appropriate levels.

9. Explore the possibilities to contribute combined units to international exercises, operations as well as to force registers in the UN, the EU and NATO.

The way ahead

The Defence Forces will deliver a preliminary joint report on feasible cooperation areas by October 2014.

The Defence Forces will continuously make suggestions for concrete cooperation areas as their work progresses but no later than January 2015.

The political decisions concerning deepened bilateral cooperation in specific areas both at the MoD and Defence Forces level will be made continuously starting in February 2015.

The practical cooperation areas will be incorporated in the regular planning process of the respective Defence Forces beginning no later than in the spring of 2015.

For further information:

(1) pdfAction Pland for deepened Defence Cooperation between Sweden and Finland 2014 (whole document)
(2) Ministry of Defence of Finland

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